Create a 45-minute storytelling activity that keeps preschoolers and children, engaged

Get creative online and offline tools to deliver storytelling activities that are interactive, personal, and unique experiences for children so they are glued to your lessons

"I had a problem with my storytelling: I used each story 1 time because I was afraid kids will get bored. I had to use so many books- and got overwhelmed. Revital showed me how to use 1 story multiple times. And I did it. The kids were: "we want more" They were excited! I was excited. My work was appreciated. They were responding to my questions because now I know how to ask questions. "

Angelica Lon
English teacher

A LIVE workshop with lifetime access to the recordings





Here’s what you'll discover

  • A complete storytelling activity demonstration
    So you can experience yourself a full acitivity just like the children. Watch, learn and try it on your students.
  • My proven storytelling structure that will help you plan up to 45 minutes of activites. After learning this you will no longer feel confused on how to plan a new activity. 
  • 5 principles on creating storytelling activities so that you can create your own unique, personalized and creative activities. Every tool is shown and demonstrated.  
  • A practice segment where we will take a children's book and brainstorm together to create a full storytelling activity. Imagine applying together the tools you just learned with like-minded teachers
  • How to use storytelling techniques in your teaching: English lessons, class discussions and debates. How to implement it in your class.
  • Engaging children in the online platform: how to overcome this challenge and create a new way of storytelling.
  • Five NEW trainings on: teaching English through storytelling, asking questions that involve children and more...

What can you expect after this training?

🔸Know how to take a book and turn it into a 45-minute storytelling activity. 🔸You have a storytelling structure that fits your needs 🔸Your lessons are more creative and you're using your unique talents inside your activities 🔸Kids love your activities. 🔸You get offers from parents or places that need teachers that know how to fascinate children using quality content.

Sounds great! When? Where? How much?


On your computer or cell phone so you can watch whenever you like 



✨ It's a 3-hour workshop 



you get the recorded workshop + a PDF guide that accompanies this workshop 

All the content is on an easy-to-use website you can revisit.


You will be invited to future live workshops!



✨ 1 EXTRA LIVE Q&A and practice session.

DATES will be published soon!

Details on time and hour soon. This will also be recorded and sent to your member area

✨PLUS - FIVE Aditional RECORDED training:

Once you purchase this workshop you get immediate access to 5 trainings:

Teach English through storytelling, Teaching a poem in different ways, the art of asking questions that involve children, and more...



Your investment in becoming a fascinating children's storyteller is

$95 only or 2 payments of $48

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"I used to be the boring - just passing page over page, maybe changing my voice. This time I took the learnings from the workshop and thought about different ways to present the activity. I figured the main story was a spider web so I brought it to life! The moms were amazed, the kids were involved with the animal sounds, overall it was a total win! I’m so happy I took Revital's workshop and I can’t wait to get even better at storytelling"

Alexa, Sensory Teacher
Job Title

 The Storytelling Workshop is PERFECT for you if… 

  • You are a storyteller, teacher, or educator for children aged 2-7 that wants new tools to help you be more creative in your teaching.
  • Sometimes you don’t know how to engage children in your activity or what to do when they they’re not listening to you.
  • You're looking for more ideas and inspiration to fascinate children.
  • You want to engage toddlers and preschoolers in online platforms.
  • Your main goal is to educate children through being a fascinating leader to them. 

"I feel inspired a lot by Revital's storytelling method :-). I gained knowledge that I can immediately apply for my English lessons for young kids. And I’ve already tried some of them with success :-)."

Taťána Navrkalová,
English teacher (from the Czech Republic)

A complete Storytelling Workshop Guide

In addition to the storytelling workshop, you'll also get a detailed guide. 
The guide summarizes all the content so that you can revisit and deepen your understanding.
Whether you join the live workshop or watch the recordings you will also receive all the material, pictures, and info in a written guide. 

If we haven't met yet...

Hi, I'm Revital a children's Storyteller from Israel.

I've been a professional storyteller since 2003. 
Working with toddlers and preschoolers taught me how to engage children in my activity.

I had to learn fast :)

Children this age aren't polite. If the activity is not compelling to them, they will go away.

During the first lockdown, I learned to engage children with online storytelling activities.

Over the years I've developed my own tools to create fascinating storytelling activities. I use my acting and theatre studies, my experience leading many workshops on children’s books, music for preschoolers, and more and combined it into a unique method.
I want to share with you all my secrets and tips and I want to share everything I have learned with you so that you will be a teacher that children won't forget.

"The influence of a great teacher can never be erased"

- Revital

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I don't want you to miss this training. I am sure you will gain a lot of value. To make it easier for you.
This purchase is backed by a risk-free guarantee

If for any reason after the workshop (1-day after) you wish to withdraw simply reach out and you'll get a refund of your investment.

"Revital's training opened my mind to new ways of thinking, varied ways of fascinating children, getting into their heads, and giving them a fun and interesting experience. All the activities I created for children improved. I highly recommend the course and Revital in general :)"

Adi Nevo Shalev
Children Storyteller