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About Revital, that's me

My name is Revital and I am a children’s storyteller.

I started this business in 2003, because it combined my three loves:

Children, theater, and children's literature.

When I tell a story I use everything from a sock talking to hoops that have pockets with a surprise inside, I use music and even food so I can engage, play and activate children ages 2-6.

But in 2003 something else happened -

I also became a mother to Guy, and then two more children - Alma and Rimon.
(Name’s sound funny to you? it’s ok!  Thies are Israelien names)

As a storyteller, Of course I read to my children books every day.

Telling stories in my business and to my own children showed me: 

  1. I can know my children’s inner world
  2. They know me better
  3. I can help them become readers for fun

And most important
It’s a unique time in our lives!!! It lasts till they are 10 years old if you’re lucky! 

many parents miss this opportunity.

 I made it my mission to enlighten this practice and demonstrate to parents what opportunity they have.

I started giving lectures and showing parents-

How to read funny, How you can really enjoy reading time otherwise you won't do it, what questions reveal who your child is, how to make your child a passionate reader, and more.

If you're here and reading time to your kid's is not fun or easy or smooth, don't worry!  you've come to the right place!
These days I have begun to zoom in sessions where I read you a children’s book and you can experience the magic yourself! 

If you’re interested in joining:
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