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Finally, create a real conversation with your child.

How to talk to your child so they listen and listen so they talk

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Reading to children is an amazing gift.
But did you know that reading to children is a path to create meaningful conversations?
I’ve created a 10-minute free tutorial where I SHOW you through a four-sentence book how I engage with children.
Learn how your communication with your child can grow significantly better.

How your children can talk to you much easier.

And how you will be able to acknowledge their thoughts and feelings.

You can use this practical tool and apply it with books you have at home. You can use this even if you only have 10-20 minutes a day with your kids.

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Here’s what you'll discover

  • 4 simple keys to understand your child's point of view, her needs and what she's going through, by easily connecting to her. 
  • A step by step format you can use when you read to your child so he will learn to solve problems by himself. 
  • In this specific book: How your child will find non-violent solutions. 
  • How a four sentence book can be fascinating not only to children but to YOU! 

"Thank you so much for this video! I surely learned the importance of making a story RELEVANT for our children, as a mom but also as a teacher. Thank you so much. Longing to read the book list! 🥰"

Clelia Marongiu

" You have shown me a completely new way how to read books to my kids. It is not a passive reading, but a kid is involved in the process. Before I only asked questions checking memorizing some details. I read in Ukrainian, but definitely will try your approach. Thank you for sharing."

Nataliia Bohadan

"I' m English teacher in preschool I think about story reading for those ones It was amazing when you create all the atmosphere there...I'm not sure if it will suit polish speaking children but the video was brilliant :)"

Agata Fasuga
English teacher

"Thank you so very much for this informative video. I find your suggestions so very useful - especially when you mention the importance of creating an environment where children can share their real thoughts."

Svi Koemuercu

Are you frustrated because reading time is not fun and engaging like you hoped it would be?  

I meet a lot of parents that tell me:
some of their children don’t like reading at all, some don’t have the patience to listen. Some kids read only because they have to. Some are bored with books.
If you envisioned sharing moments with your child like you had with your parents, discussing books and reading together, let me help you get there.


A Note from Revital...

 After telling stories to more than 16,000 children, as a professional storyteller, I saw time and time again the big wide eyes suddenly understanding a value, a tool a situation through a story. 

I saw the power of books as an instrument to gain compassion, understanding and so much more.

I know it in my bones that good books create vital and happy human beings.
 As a mother of 3 children I see how reading together daily in close physical closeness prepares them for all aspects of life: academically and more importantly the capacity to handle and succeed in life.
I've turned it into my mission to show you how this unexpansive and easily available activity  is life-changing.

Don’t miss this opportunity as a parent to bond with your children through reading to them. 

- Revital

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