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How to be an amazing mom even if you only have 10 minutes a day with your children.

A friend of mine shared with me here guilty feeling:
She is busy with her business,  and when she has time to be with her 2-year-old daughter she puts on TV.
She feels exhausted.  She doesn't have time to play with her or take her to an activity suited for here. She feels shame, bad that she is not investing in her daughter's growing and developing her to flourish.
As mothers no matter what and how much we will do, we always feel it's not enough.
But, if this is you, and you feel like that please hear me:

1. You deserve to invest in yourself and have a career. All the men around you never even think it's an option not to work and have a career right?

2. There are many ways to parent and communicate with your child. If what you have is a little time with your children you can still be an amazing mom!
3. Investing in your child doesn't have to be trying, boring, and sacrifice. What if you found...
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