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My selfish reason to read to my children

should you continue reading to your children once they know how to read by themselves?


Here's Why: 
1. Remember when you learned to drive a car? you could only concentrate on - shifting gears, driving carefully- you couldn't enjoy the view or daydream, right?
Reading in the early years is the same: It's technical and doesn't give you a reading enjoyable experience

2. The books Children can read in their first reading years on there own, are of a low standard of their intellectual needs. The books that can fascinate an 8-year-old is not necessarily a book they can read alone.

3. If they are forced to read by themselves, they succeed to read books that are not really fascinating for them (because fascinating books they cannot still read) so then they come to the unfortunate conclusion that books are childish and boring. (don't forget- screen time is always their seducing and tempting with quick and easy wins)

4. Reading to your children is a temporary opportunity. It will probably last till around 10-11 years old, in best cases, but it's an activity they will never forget. It's a gift you can give your child: a beautiful time to spend together.

And here is a good and selfish reason to read to your older children;  

I took advantage of the time I read my children  from 6 years old to 10  to choose beautiful classical books I never read as a child:

for example:
The secret garden/ Frances Hodgson Burnett, or,
The Prince and the Pauper/ Mark Twain.

I chose books I wanted to read! And it worked, it was new and fascinating for both of us. 

Reading to your kids has to be fun to you not only to them. Through choosing All kinds of classics that I didn't read as a child, I  enjoyed this time with my kids just as they did. 

Agree with me?  Till what age will you read to your children?

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