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Why reading to your child can be the one parenting thing you do - every day

Parenting can take you -10-15 minutes a day! 
If someone would have told me that I only have 15 minutes every day with each one of my children.
I would choose to spend this time on one thing: read them aloud books.

Because, when you read your child- a book,  
All the essence of being a  parent – exists:

You are reading a book – that represents some kind of the reality, the real world.
You experience this reality close physically
You can read and your children cannot read sometimes- so you are showing this reality to your child.
your child can ask you anything, can tell you their thought's, can be afraid or puzzled- and during this time -
You are there to: calm, explain, laugh, debate, and walk through it with your child.
You are not a teacher, and please don't turn this to a grammar or reading lesson.
Remember to use this unique  time, that happens only for several year's, to bond with your child.
Isn't that, the essence of parenting?

This parent activity only asks for 10-15 minutes with your child.
It asks you to be with your child fully: be curious- try to know your child, better during this time.
And it hardly cost's money, because you can lend books from the library.

If you do this – every day, for years- You have succeeded in parenting!
You have given your children hours of bonding and experiencing hundreds of different kind of realities through books.
You have done your job great!
Maybe, sometimes you shouted at your children or had no time to play with your kid's, maybe you weren't great at helping your kids dissolve problems, maybe you didn’t volunteer at school activities, and maybe you ….. continue and fill out what ever you feel is lacking in your parenting ( I don't know any parent that doesn’t feel they lack something….)
But in spite of all this-
If you read for 10-15 minutes every day  to your children, during their childhood years, you have been a good parent.


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