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How to be an amazing mom even if you only have 10 minutes a day with your children.

A friend of mine shared with me here guilty feeling:
She is busy with her business,  and when she has time to be with her 2-year-old daughter she puts on TV.
She feels exhausted.  She doesn't have time to play with her or take her to an activity suited for here. She feels shame, bad that she is not investing in her daughter's growing and developing her to flourish.
As mothers no matter what and how much we will do, we always feel it's not enough.
But, if this is you, and you feel like that please hear me:

1. You deserve to invest in yourself and have a career. All the men around you never even think it's an option not to work and have a career right?

2. There are many ways to parent and communicate with your child. If what you have is a little time with your children you can still be an amazing mom!
3. Investing in your child doesn't have to be trying, boring, and sacrifice. What if you found activities that YOU love to do with your children. You like them so much, that it energies you, and you love doing, daily. 
There are many ways to communicate and help your children develop even if you have 20 minutes a day.

I am in love with this activity: 
Reading to your children.
For me, it's the best way to shrink parenting in 10-15 minutes. 

It's easy to carry out: 
simple, cheap, educational, emotional, fun.
Reading to your children for 10 minutes a day will bring your child all the benefits they need.
If you know how to maximize this activity.

sounds weird? too good to be true?

I spent 17 years being a storyteller to children and being a mother and discovered this tool.
when you read to your child it can bring all the benefits.

1. You are closely together.

2. you experience together, a certain reality that is shown to you through a book.

3. If you know-how, you can create conversations. You know your child's thoughts and feelings. They know you better through this activity.
4. Reading time can become the one time a day were you: educate, parent, love, and help your kids succeed in life.
Reading time is easy: going anywhere, spending money, or special talents.
All it needs is you.
If you know how to create conversations. You know your child's thoughts and feelings. They know you better through this activity. 
You can be an amazing mom!
Here is one example:
In this 10 minute tutorial I take a 4 sentence book and show how you can:
1. Communicate with your child even if he is 2 years old. 
2. Know what he thinks about solving problems
3. How to help him solve a problem on his own.
This is one tool. I have more tools that will blow your mind because they are so simple and create the most important things in parenting.

Let me show you How to communicate+ develop your child through reading to them- Free ZOOM LIVE tutorial 

You are invited to a Zoom meeting (yes, you) where I will show you simple tools.
If you want to have great quality time with your children, to prepare them to life better and to do it easily this tutorial will help you.
Its free and you only need to register. 
P.S I promise you to also laugh, feel a child again, and motivated to read to your child. 

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