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The best and easiest way to teach children a story, song or a rhythm.

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2021

How do I teach rhythms in a way that children implement? 
Watch the video.
The book I showed is Tickles by Datia Ben-Dor

Tickles (in English): Ben Dor, Datia: Books


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8 ways to prevent kids to run away from your zoom lessons, even if they are toddlers

During a storytelling zoom meeting, one of the toddlers left. 
I felt helpless, shame (parents are there), and discouraged to continue with the remaining children. 

If you are teaching online and kids leave the class ( computer) what can you do? nothing...
You can't even ask them to come back! They can do what they want! It's their house!

So the bad news is that we, kindergarten and teachers lose a lot of control during online class. 

The good news is that we will have to be more:
more creative and interesting.
Kids will stay with us because they WANT to. Not because they have to. And that's good, right? We want kids to want to listen to us. But it's a challenge. 

In this blog post, I offer 8 different ways you can engage kids in your activity even if they are toddlers. 

If you are a homeschool parent, it can help you too. If you are a parent that wants your child to take part in lessons, share this with their teachers. 

By the way, these tactics...

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How to be an amazing mom even if you only have 10 minutes a day with your children.

A friend of mine shared with me here guilty feeling:
She is busy with her business,  and when she has time to be with her 2-year-old daughter she puts on TV.
She feels exhausted.  She doesn't have time to play with her or take her to an activity suited for here. She feels shame, bad that she is not investing in her daughter's growing and developing her to flourish.
As mothers no matter what and how much we will do, we always feel it's not enough.
But, if this is you, and you feel like that please hear me:

1. You deserve to invest in yourself and have a career. All the men around you never even think it's an option not to work and have a career right?

2. There are many ways to parent and communicate with your child. If what you have is a little time with your children you can still be an amazing mom!
3. Investing in your child doesn't have to be trying, boring, and sacrifice. What if you found...
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Do you know how to apologize?

childrensbooks parenting Jun 05, 2020

It's not natural for children to apologize. I want to show you How you teach this important value through a book.
I remember my daughter when she understood she was wrong, she refused to apologize.
my 9-year-old son when he understands that he is wrong he cries, he's angry he runs to his room and can't handle the shame feeling.
Regret is a hard emotion.
With adults it can be the opposite:
They can say "sorry" very easily, but do they feel sorry? not always.
Do you know how to say sorry and feel those regret strong emotions at the same time?
As a children's storyteller- I tell kids stories that deal with emotions.
Through someone else's story, a child will see how it should look like.
Here is an example of a book that deals with -the full circle of sorry:
A quarrel, anger and then regret, feeling sorry and more important- understanding the truth of someone else.

Sorry! by Norbert Landa, Tim Warnes

What happens to the rabbit and the bear is exactly what happens to us in life-
They are great...

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My selfish reason to read to my children

should you continue reading to your children once they know how to read by themselves?


Here's Why: 
1. Remember when you learned to drive a car? you could only concentrate on - shifting gears, driving carefully- you couldn't enjoy the view or daydream, right?
Reading in the early years is the same: It's technical and doesn't give you a reading enjoyable experience

2. The books Children can read in their first reading years on there own, are of a low standard of their intellectual needs. The books that can fascinate an 8-year-old is not necessarily a book they can read alone.

3. If they are forced to read by themselves, they succeed to read books that are not really fascinating for them (because fascinating books they cannot still read) so then they come to the unfortunate conclusion that books are childish and boring. (don't forget- screen time is always their seducing and tempting with quick and easy wins)

4. Reading to your children is a temporary...

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A fun activity Parents & children with a great children's book


Feel like having a nice laugh and doing it through a great children's book?

The book "Pete is a Pizza" by William Stieg is a Smart picture book
that is full of humor.

It reminds me of how sometimes we as Parents can solve so many issues with our kids, using humor.

It also reminds me of how fun it is for children to play nonsense games.

So in this video I guide you, through the book to participate in a funny activity.
If you are cool enough to play along and do it, P L E A S E!!!
Send me a picture in the comments below.

And even if you just watch it, all the books of William Steig are great check them out.

P.S Not sure what makes a children book great? Check out my free guide here.

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Why reading to your child can be the one parenting thing you do - every day

Parenting can take you -10-15 minutes a day! 
If someone would have told me that I only have 15 minutes every day with each one of my children.
I would choose to spend this time on one thing: read them aloud books.

Because, when you read your child- a book,  
All the essence of being a  parent – exists:

You are reading a book – that represents some kind of the reality, the real world.
You experience this reality close physically
You can read and your children cannot read sometimes- so you are showing this reality to your child.
your child can ask you anything, can tell you their thought's, can be afraid or puzzled- and during this time -
You are there to: calm, explain, laugh, debate, and walk through it with your child.
You are not a teacher, and please don't turn this to a grammar or reading lesson.
Remember to use this unique  time, that happens only for several year's, to bond with your child.
Isn't that, the essence of...

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