on 22th November 2021 8.30 PM CET or 23th 11 AM CET 

The 3 Hidden Treasures of Reading to your Children.

A Reading Workshop for Parents


Semhar Abraham:
Thank you for this session. You totally opened my horizon!

In this reading  workshop for parents, you'll discover:


How a good children's book can help your child develop social skills

Children learn from experiences. See how a book creates learning experiences and really helps children implement important values.


How to know your child's thoughts and opinions by asking specific questions

Even if your child is only 3-years-old you can create meaningful conversations.


The fun ways YOUR personality can emerge when reading to your child

How to read so your children discover a funny and interesting new version of you.

This workshop is for you

  • If you love books and envision sharing moments with your child discussing books and reading together. 
  • If you feel reading time can be boring or it creates arguments instead of fun. 
  • If you are a book reader and want your children to share this love and become enthusiastic readers too. 
  • If you want to take this activity to the next level by discovering new books that will show you how to create a better reading time for you and your children.


Merve - Certified storyteller:
I’ve just attended your workshop and I must say that it was such an inspiring and nourishing one! 

A Note from Revital...

After telling stories to more than 16,000 children as a professional storyteller,

I see time and time again the big wide eyes as children understand a value, a tool, a situation through a story. 

I see how reading to my own three children daily, prepares them for life.

I see those benefits and more through an activity that takes 10 minutes and that they will remember throughout their lives.

I've turned it into my mission.

Let me show you how this easy and inexpensive activity is life-changing.

You have just a few years to read to your children, watch how simple and great this can be for your family. 


Orit Brichka

Revital thank you so much! I attended your Zoom and found it super helpful and most important-grounding.