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 How to raise a reader -
A Reading Workshop for Parents

 Connect, engage and teach your child 
magical reading time 


Alexa Torrijos:
Since the workshop I now enjoy reading time with my son, so much we even read more than the assigned school books. It has become a special bonding moment brfore going to bed and I will cherish this forever.

In this reading  workshop for parents, you'll discover how to:


Create motivation for your child to WANT to read (without nagging or convincing) 

Learn the key to motivating a child to read and 3 simple ways you can do this 


Help your child develop important social skills - through reading time  

Help your children with their social challenges in school: competition, quarrels, and losing games.
This tool is a game-changer! You will use it all the time


Discover a tool to know your child's thoughts and opinions through books

Even if your child is only 3-years-old you can create meaningful conversations.

After this workshop, you will 

  • have shared moments with your child discussing books and reading together.
  • experience FUN reading time with your children  (not a tiring task!)
  • see how your child can LOVE and appreciate books.
  • learn the best way to encourage your child to do the effort of reading alone.   


Merve - Certified storyteller:
I’ve just attended your workshop and I must say that it was such an inspiring and nourishing one! 

A Note from Revital...

After telling stories to more than 16,000 children as a professional storyteller,

I see time and time again the big wide eyes as children understand a value, a tool, a situation through a story. 

I see how reading to my own three children daily, prepares them for life.

I see those benefits and more through an activity that takes 10 minutes and that they will remember throughout their lives.

I've turned it into my mission.

Let me show you how this easy and inexpensive activity is life-changing.

You have just a few years to read to your children, watch how simple and great this can be for your family. 


Orit Brichka

Revital thank you so much! I attended your Zoom and found it super helpful and most important-grounding. 

Semhar Abraham

Thank you for this session. You totally opened my horizon!